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Furniture design


Nature and its resources have a narrative and timeless beauty. Through a simple, modest design language, we emphasize the meeting between natural materials. Our projects are an attempt to find a balance between richness and restraint, order and complexity. It’s a great little return to the roots, craftsmanship in a contemporary way.


We undertake projects for both industry, local factories and artisans. In terms of private label, we realize short series of furniture or customized projects.

The project scope includes:

residential furniture

office furniture

store furniture

restaurant furniture

hotel furniture

trade fair and commercial stands

Project stages:
1. design specifications

It is an introduction to the project, is drawn up on the basis of a brief or direct arrangements in the form of a list of requirements to be met by the furniture. The specification helps to clarify priorities, technical and financial possibilities.

2. conceptual design

It includes the generation of ideas and solutions and their selection. It consists in providing you with three proposals for the design of a piece of furniture In the form of conceptual sketches, working flat models or spatial, or digital models.

3 Detailed design

It involves determining the shape of a piece of furniture, its size, possible functional layouts, methods of use. We carry out this stage by creating a 3D model, design documentation and photo-realistic visualization of the furniture. Visualization is especially helpful at the design stage, since even before the production of the furniture we have the opportunity to evaluate and possibly correct it its visual features. It also allows you to present the most interesting material and color stays without prototyping.


3D modeling of furniture

3D model revisions

furniture visualization - studio (on a white background)

semi-arrangement of furniture

furniture arrangement in the interior

3D animation of furniture

4. engineering design

Includes development of technical documentation including construction and technological details.

5. prototype and implementation cooperation

Stage carried out by the principal’s unit or on the principal’s order. It includes the making of prototypes for usability and market research and the first copies of the production series, or possibly the making of a mastermodel, or shape pattern. In this form of cooperation, we provide author’s supervision, consisting mainly in taking care of maintaining the essential values given in the design project and, if necessary, making corrections that may be necessary in the implementation of the project.

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We believe that high-quality design is the key to quality of life.

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