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Design audit


A design audit is an analysis of a company and its business environment to examine a company’s design potential and identify areas for change and internal improvement. It allows to see new opportunities and potential threats in the company’s business environment.


The best tool to increase competitiveness is design, which is why we perform design audits for companies to set the company’s strategy based on design through well-designed products, services and visual communication. We demonstrate techniques for applying design thinking as a structured approach to the innovation process.

Audit scope:

product offering analysis

Analysis of the business model presented by the company

analysis in terms of organizational structure

analysis in the field of communication processes

Analysis of the company in terms of its marketing strategy

analysis in the field of production technology

Analysis in defining and characterizing customers, competitors and key industry trends

Design management needs analysis

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We will take a look at your company and its environment to determine the direction of growth among others through design and innovation.

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