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Interior design


The fact that humans and nature are inseparable makes it all the more important for nature to be part of our indoor environment – through living surfaces and calming nuances that make us feel at ease. Our specialty is the design of utilitarian and decorative objects for interiors, so in our work we often touch on the aforementioned area, but in a manner consistent with the ideas guiding us. We use noble materials, pure forms in our designs. This creates interiors where things don’t seem out of place or in the way, but leave room for the things in life that are important to our sense of comfort.


We carry out comprehensive projects including residential and commercial interiors. The scope of services is tailored to actual needs. Whether it is a one-time consultation, a partial or complete interior design, or implementation support. The price for interior design depends on the scope and area to be covered by the study, the number and type of rooms and their purpose, so the cost is calculated individually.

1. functional design

Recommended when only help is needed to give the right function to the interior and check its potential capabilities. Based on the projections provided by the client or the inventory of the existing state, two-three proposals for the arrangement of furniture, lighting and partitions are made as needed in 2D view.

2.Conceptual design

As in the first case, it can be realized on the basis of the room projections provided by the customer or the inventory service we perform interiors. Sequentially is performed concept development functional and spatial interior. The conceptual design includes the function of the interior defined by means of projections, that is: the arrangement of furniture and lighting. The style is specified of the interior and the materials and decorations used in it. In this type of design, floor plans and views are accompanied by descriptions of the materials used in the project. Complementary 3D visualizations of the interior will also be made.


visualization of the interior in the form of perspective sketches

3D model of the interior in sketch preview

photorealistic visualization of the interior

3. executive design

Provides An extension of the conceptual design, which is supplemented with drawings for contractors and statements of quantities and materials as:

projections of the arrangement of partition walls

electrical installation projects

design of plumbing and central heating systems.

floor cladding layout plans

color and wall cladding designs

summary of quantities and materials and manufacturers

projects: furniture, closets, kitchen furniture, bathroom furniture

bathroom and toilet design

4.Author’s supervision

Relying on the control of The course of work in accordance with the project. During renovation, questions often arise, so we are always ready to answer them and advise you on the right solution. At your request, we meet with contractors to detail the scope of work. However, in the case of author’s supervision, we are not responsible for delays in the implementation of the project, as we work with the team you choose.


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We work with a philosophy based on openness to the human experience of space and sensitivity to the haptic experience of materials and clean details.


Our projects are dominated by styles:

New Nordic 0
Japandi 0
mid-century modern 0