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Production organization


As a brand, we want to develop an internal and external production chain that is controlled at every stage and represents the essence of craftsmanship typical of our country. Each of our items thus becomes a symbol of creative and artisanal excellence while respecting the narural environment.


It is aimed at individual clients who would like the project to be completed by our design studio. We design and manufacture furniture, objects in an attentive manner. We outsource realizations to companies and craftsmen with whom we constantly cooperate, and their profile is in accordance with the requirements of a specific project. We co-create new craftsmanship that meets the needs of a modern audience.


search for and selection of a suitable contractor

verification of the production capabilities of the selected company

participation or negotiation on behalf of the client

production order and its supervision

Our goal is to develop cooperation between furniture buyers and Polish manufacturers and suppliers. Therefore, we invite manufacturing companies to contact us for cooperation. Our preferred industries include furniture manufacturers, carpentry and locksmiths and craftsmen.

lady wood

The meeting of designer and craftsman is a combination of creativity and tradition, resulting in unique, genuine objects.

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