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Designer’s advice

We are against excess. We design with a philosophy based on openness to the human experience of space and sensitivity to the haptic experience of materials, simple geometric forms and clean details. If this idea is close to you, we will be happy to help you make it a reality through an object and properly arranged environment that will help you escape from modern life.

Designer’s advice is a consultative service that aims to answer the client’s questions about a project started or planned without commissioning a comprehensive service in industrial design, furniture technology or interior design.

The consultation is for individual clients and manufacturing companies. It involves a single meeting with the client, or a series of meetings during which the client receives answers on key issues. Depending on your needs, consultations can take place over the phone, online or in person at the studio or a location designated by the client. Details of the full offer can be found on the service page, where the possible range of topics is described in detail in the individual links.

Price of consultation:

From PLN 200 – 350/ 1 hr, depending on the scope of the topic and preferred form.

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Our foundation of knowledge is years of learning, experience, which today allows us to provide professional support.

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