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Furniture technologist


Like in a tree, the core of our business is the knowledge that gave us our start. Years of experience allow us to support you from the technical and technological side at the stage of production implementations.


If you are looking for a specialist: a technologist – furniture designer, who will transform the project into real technical solutions, we invite you to permanent or temporary cooperation. We specialize in the determination of structures along with the development of full technical documentation in the material and formal aspects, as well as in conducting technological and construction supervision.

Scope includes:

Design of furniture structures (3D modeling)

creation and supervision of technical/technological documentation ( 2D documentation: technical drawings - assembly, executive)

preparation of material and technical specifications

preparation of assembly instructions

Develop a method of packaging and palletizing the product for shipment

Analysis and revisions of technical documentation

calculation of products including material, labor and cooperation costs

production supervision

The work is usually carried out remotely (one-line). There is also the possibility of meetings/consultations at the Client’s premises, if it is in Bydgoszcz/Kujawsko-Pomorskie Voivodeship.

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At our core is the knowledge of how to turn design into viable technical solutions.

Structural design 0
Technical Documentation 0
Technological supervision 0